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Our Story

It’s a familiar storyline. A business professional has a vision to create a successful business whose service and/or product can positively enhance the lives of consumers. The business professional takes a leap of faith and leaves a secure, well paying career and seizes the opportunity to follow their vision and passion and become an entrepreneur.

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Executive Team

The bigger the vision the more quality people needed to bring that vision to reality. Nearly ten years ago Fitness By Phone® was founded on a grand vision that would ultimately reshape the way people get and stay in shape. Meet the executive team guiding Fitness By Phone® into the future.

Fitness By Phone® Coaches
For nearly ten years Fitness By Phone® has trained some of the top personal trainers in the United States and Canada as Fitness By Phone® Coaches. These coaches have gone through a rigorous, inspiring and educational six month training that ensures they are fully equipped to successfully coach their clients and guide them to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.
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